EurocupWomen: Liberalotto and Fontenette pregame quotes

03 November 2015

Liberalotto Fontenette

Liberalotto: “We are going to face PECSI, hungarian team positioned at the half of its national championship. They should recover Drammeh, swedish shooting guard, who did not play the first Eurocup game but is one of the best team scorer. PECSI is a young team, we watched their debut game but we need to focus very well on ourselves. We have to get the win because first EuroCup is about only 6 games and since we want to pass to the next one we need these two points. Surely the game in Schio has increased our self-esteem, confirming we are going to the right way, but we need to hold high our qualitative standard and the EuroCup will help us.”

Fontenette: “I think we are going to come out and play hard, it’s a pivotal game for our Europe run. We played very well in Schio and definitely by competing against one of the best team in Europe will help us also in Eurocup games. We have studied PECSI through the video and we know it’s going to be a tough game. No one game in Eurocup is easy but we are really determined to get the win”

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