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Youth, Sport and Values

The recovery and relaunch of the educational and psychological values in a modern way, proposed by Costantino Reyer and Peter Gallo, who in 1872 founded the sports club, are at the root of Umana Reyer.
It is the values that the orogranata society wants to convey with the maximum fairness and transparency as evidenced by the Ethical Sports Certificate Esi 2010 to guarantee all those who interact with the society and who made Umana Reyer the first professional sportive reality in Italy that can take pride in this certificate.
The involvement of the territory and of the new generations with their families finds realization in the Reyer project for the youth sector, which is now joined by  22 sports club sportive clubs and more than 4500 young athletes  gravitating in the orogranata orbit.



  • Reyer Project
  • 22 member companies participating and more than 4,500 young basketball players involved
  • Umana Reyer Youth Sector
  • 10 male and female teams: Under-19 men’s Under-19 women’s, Under-17 men’s Under-17 Women’s Under-15 men’s, women’s Under-15, Under-14 men’s, Under-14 Women’s, Under-13 men’s Under-13 women’s.
  • 220 mini basketball children.


This year the youth teams of the orogranata have won: two league titles (Under-17 Women’s Under-15 and Women’s), three second places (Under 19 men’s and women’s Under-17 men) and a fourth place (Under 15 male).

The Umana Reyer is the only society in Italy, and in the history of national basketball, that can take pride in a youth male and female at the top of each category. The male and female orogranata teams have indeed reached the last two years, access to the National Finals with all formations. An “all time”  record further enhanced this year by winning the final for the title with five formations. The Umana Reyer youth sector also has the largest number of athletes of various youth national teams.


A fianco del Progetto Reyer si svolgono tutta una serie di attività per i giovani organizzate ogni anno dalla società:

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Festa di Natale del Progetto Reyer